Tuesday, January 5, 2016


This year marked the 20th year that I have been full-fledged instructor with having my own classes and am still actively looking towards achieving bigger goal. Although I have been instructing/coaching for 20 years but I have not manage to reach my full potential and also no able to have my students/athletes to scale the greatest height due to the the taekwondo political conflict that is going since 1990. This is sad and frustrating as the martial art/sport is being politicised due to greed. Greed for money and power. I have do a lot of grassroot development mainly focusing on the fundamental training such the students/athletes basic physical, mental and technical development. However due many split factions in the country, the best is not able to represent the country as he/she is not affiliate to certain club or organization. There are no open selection and if you are not affiliated the certain club or organization, then your students/athletes are not allowed to participate. By setting up this criteria, the country has actually halted progress.

Coaches and athletes are constantly frustrated and upset with these kind of terms and conditions that discourage the development of the art and sport in the country. When once upon a time we were a force in the region, now we are just a participant which does not produce threat to our neighboring country in our regional game.

I will still continue to do what I do as I believe that the passion i have in my work although not able to reach the highest level, I am still able to inspire the students/athletes to develop to be of strong character and good individual.

Friday, September 19, 2014


I don't think I blogged in 2013. It was a busy year for me. Having gotten and new school to coach with the number of students and sessions growing every term within the same academic year. From one session to two sessions and now I have four sessions of CCA all in the same school.

I have also coached a team of 7 for the World Taekwondo Hanmadang in Korea in 2013. Being first time in participating in a big scale event, we managed to win 1 silver and 3 bronze. No gold but still an achievement nonetheless. It was from not winning that I learned a lot but the time spentin preparing the team. The process of getting the team ready physically and mentally for the competition in such stature. All my participants and first-timer in an international competition. Yes, they had won medals in domestic event but competition at international scale is totally a different ball-game.

During the process of coaching, I had the opportunity to correct my basic taekwondo techniques based on the poomsae requirement in Hanmadang competition, I had to view and review videos on the correct movements in order for my students to perform the entire poomsae with minimal mistakes as this was how poomsae is being judged. Look for mistakes. The least mistake the better.

I had students who took part other events such as all-round breaking and jumping high kick. To teach and to coach the techniques are not difficult but to get the techniques right to win a competition is a challenge. A lot of time spent in getting the techniques right and accurately hit the target with enough force so that in the real competition the board can break. I had to be constantly motivate them and encouraged them that they can do it.

At the end of the day, we did well.

The year 2013 was also a memorable year for me due to the arrival of my second child in May. It was a great bundle of joy for me and my family to receive her. Her arrival had take more of my time from blogging. Sleepless night, diapers changing etc all over again but it's all worth it.

Then it was the 2nd Malaysia Kukkiwon Cup being held in November. Again more time was being spent in preparing a team to participate in this championship. I had a bigger contingent this time around and a better result too. Thanks to the determination and resilience of my students in this championship.

Here are some of the 2013 moments:

Kukkiwon Black Belt Certification

Black belt certification by Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters is the only black belt certificate that is recognized around the world. There are many other Black Belt certificates out there being distributed either by own dojangs or local associations which can only be recognized by themselves. Their own instructors or Master themselves acquire Kukkiwon Black Belt Certificates while their students are given the other black belt certificates. This is an unethical practice by the instructors and masters as a martial artist, we should hold highly on our ethics and integrity.

I always encouragemy students to apply for the Kukkiwon Black Belt Certificates at least for their 1st Poom/Dan to get themselves internationally recognized as a Black Belt Holder from Kukkiwon. Then it's up to them whether to apply for the next certificate or not.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

24th Foreigner Instructor Training Seminar - Day 3

Day 3 is the last day of the seminar. The actual duration of the seminar if to be taken in Korea will be 5 days and because they were here in Malaysia to cater to our limited time, hence it was being squeezed into 3 days which is also stressful in our part. There will be a test at the end of the seminar to certified us as qualified instructors. If we failed then we are not a qualified instructor form Kukkiwon. The test comprised of theory and practical, theory test were from the theory session and practical is of any two poomsae that was taught. The grandmasters can evaluate our basic motion from the poomsae.

Before the test, we continue with our seminar at 8.30 am with roll call followed by senior poomsae training of  higher DAN, Chukwon and Hansoo. These were new to me as I had never learned these poomsae before so I struggled quite a bit. However, at the end of the session I know the poomsae but was not able to master it yet since there were new to me. So more practice is required.

After the poomsae session we had the theory session of courtesy and practices in Taekwondo such as how one should be wearing the uniform, the appropriate practice in the dojang and etc. I did learn new things from the class.

After lunch we continue with sparring practice. Today we worked with partner on application of the footwork and kicking techniques. It was a session that everybody really into.

After that we were ready for the test starting with the theory test. As for the practical test, we were lined up according to our seniority five-by-five. The junior will do the test first and after they finished they need to go out of the hall so by the time the master-level (6 & 7th DAN) turn, only they were in the hall.

Upon completion of the test, all the participants gather for the closing ceremony of the seminar. There were speeches by the President of the Kukkiwon and the organizing chairman.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 2

Day 2, session starts at 8.30 am with roll-call for attendance then we gone to continue with the senior poomsae practice. This time we spent 2 hours on Taegeuk 8 all the way to Taeback. The grandmaster spent a lot of time in correcting our stances i.e. too wide, too long, knee position etc.

The theory for the day is on Promotion test. The grandmaster explained on how the promotion test is being conducted and how is it graded. Also only the Kukkiwon Black Belt certificate is recognized internationally. No other black belt certificate other than the Kukkiwon's is recognized.

In the afternoon, we were drilled on how to teach kyorugi. The kyorugi master emphasize on the footwork first before kicking. After mastering the footwork, then the basic kick comes into play. He taught us the correct way of executing the dollyo chagi (roundhouse kick) and the back kick. A lot of movement training involved.

After the sparring session, we continue with the senior poomsae of Pyongwon to Jitae. Again the grandmaster emphasis on the stances, the execution of the advance technique, the breathing and the head position. Upon completing the senior poomsae, roll call was again being done to ensure nobody skip any of the sessions so that they participants are really present and gone through the entire seminar to be certified.

24th Foreigner Instructor Training Seminar - Day 1

Day 1 was the opening ceremony by the Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports of Malaysia and also speech by the President of Kukkiwon.

The first session was the briefing by the President of Kukkiwon  followed by theory session by Grandmaster Kang on Taekwondo basic motion of stances, hand techniques and leg techniques. The theory included the 'measurement' of the stances. Later we have a  practical session of the basic motion. The basic motion was to 're-align' the basic motion that we had been 'misguided' all this while. The 'misguidance' such as the proper movement of the basic such as stances, punches, blocks and other hand techniques.

Grandmaster Kwon then went through with us on the history of Taekwondo which tell us the martial arts involved in the different era till the evolution of Taekwondo.

Later of the day, there was another practical session on Taekwondo poomsae from Taegeuk 1 till Taegeuk 7. The whole poomsae session was 3 hours long as the grandmaster had to correct everything that we had been taught wrongly.

The day end with roll call to mark our attendance.

Friday, June 22, 2012

24th Kukkiwon International Instructors Training Seminar

I attended the 24th Foreigner Instructors Training Seminar by Kukkiwon in IYC, Malaysia from 18- 20 June 2012, which is the first time the seminar was held outside of Korea. The seminar supposed to be a five days seminar but due to time factor, the seminar was completed in three days. It was an intensive seminar with the the test being held on the 3rd day of the seminar. 

There were plenty of new information and knowledge that I had gathered from the seminar. To simply put it, I FEEL REBORN FROM TAEKWONDO. My love and passion for Taekwondo are lifted to the next level.

I will write more about the seminar in my next post.